The Advantages Of Laminated Glass

Means to comply with national standards of laminated glass, tempered glass, and hollow glass made from them. Among these, the overall performance of laminated glass and hollow glass made of laminated glass is the best. In modern houses, the sound insulation effect is good, and it has become one of the important factors for people to measure the quality of housing.

Laminated glass with PVB interlayer can block sound waves and maintain a quiet and comfortable office environment. Its unique UV-filtering function not only protects people’s skin health, but also frees up valuable furniture, display products, etc. at home. It also reduces the transmission of sunlight and reduces cooling energy consumption. 

The many advantages of laminated glass can also have unexpected and good effects in home decoration. The general civil tempered glass is the ordinary glass through the heat treatment process, its strength is increased 3-5 times, can withstand a certain amount of energy from external impact or temperature changes without breaking, even broken, but also the whole piece of glass broken into honeycomb-like obtuse small particles It is not easy to hurt people and thus has a certain degree of safety. 

Tempered glass cannot be cut. It needs to be cut to size before being tempered and has “self-detonation” characteristics. According to different uses, tempered glass can be divided into various types of tempered glass, semi-tempered glass, regional tempered glass, flat tempered glass, curved tempered glass and so on. For example, many family doors, including kitchen doors, are made of frosted glass. The fumes in the kitchen tend to accumulate on the top when cooking, and if you use laminated glass instead, you will not have this trouble. In the same way, the large glass partition in the home is a potential safety hazard for naturally active children. If laminated glass is used, parents can be greatly relieved. Even if the glass breaks, fragments and sharp small pieces remain stuck to the intermediate film. 

LED glass is also called photoelectric glass. Power Glass is a perfect combination of LED light source and glass, and breaks through the traditional concept of building decoration materials. Can be designed in advance in the glass interior design, and later through the DMX all-digital intelligence technology to achieve controllable changes, free control of the LED light source brightness and changes. Internally, completely transparent wires are used, which are distinguished from ordinary wires and do not see any lines on the surface of the glass. After the special treatment at the later stage, both the technical requirements and the safety requirements have reached the national relevant certification. standard.

Post time: Mar-18-2020